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TiE Angels

TiE SoCal Labs is TiE Southern California’s virtual incubator program. Started in 2017, TSL brings together promising early stage companies and exposes them to serial entrepreneurs, high tech executives, and other professional investors.

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TiEcon Southwest 2020

TiECON Southwest is TiE Southern California’s signature annual entrepreneurship conference bringing together 1000+ entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and business professionals for a great combination of substantive conversation, education and peer networking.






Retirement Plan for Business Owners

TiE SoCal Presents Knowledge Series about Retirement Plan for Business Owners.Moderated by: Ravindra Ravi Kondagunta, TiE SoCal, Speaker Chair & Charter Member. CEO, Traction Labs.Speaker: Pankaj T Da  … READ MORE

Forming a VC Fund during Covid Times – Conversation with Caroline Kassie about Metrodora Fund, a partnership between Caroline and Chelsea Clinton

Caroline Kassie is a venture capitalist, lawyer and producer of documentary films focused on social justice issues. She recently joined Chelsea Clinton at Metrodora Ventures, a new VC firm with a valu  … READ MORE

TiE SoCal Angels Startup Virtual Pitch Event

TiE SoCal Angels team is excited to bring our popular Startup Pitching event online. We are going to have 4 awesome startupspitch their business plan, idea, product and fund request in front of our pa  … READ MORE

Pricing Insights from Theory. Ready for Practice

TiE SoCal Presents Knowledge Series about Pricing Insights from Theory. Ready for Practice.Keys to optimum pricing for entrepreneurs !!Profits are the lifeline of any business and pricing is the easie  … READ MORE

TiE SoCal Charter Members – Meet and Greet

TiE SoCalCharter Members – Meet & Greet  … READ MORE


Anand Mahale

Membership Chair
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Anecia Sawyer

Press & Media, TYE
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Anil Ramineni

Executive Director
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Ashish Modh

Accounting Liaison
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Ashish Saboo

TiEcon Chair, Membership Director, and Charter Member Chair
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Azad Virk

Legal Chair
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Bharat Saoji

Founders Co-Chair
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Dave Naidu

Founders Chair
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Kalika Gupta

Women of Influence Liaison
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Kewal Kanda

Media & Press Liaison
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Manish Bhardia

Speakers Liaison
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Moe Rock

Community Outreach Chair
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TiE SoCal Angels

TiE  SoCal Angels is one of the largest and most active angel groups in Southern California. Part of TiE SoCal Chapter, TiE SoCal Angels brings together promising early-stage companies and exposes them to serial entrepreneurs, high tech executives, and other professional investors — and has led to many successful exits as well as follow-on funding.

Outreach & Local Business Forum

A new initiative launched in 2020 with an emphasis on building strategic partnerships with other Minority Communities and their organizations that share the values of tie SoCal. This is done by fostering communities, bringing value to other organizations and branching into collaborative events with other institutions.

Women of Influence

An initiative to bring together women from various regions, businesses, and faiths within the public and private sectors of society to address the critical issues impacting communities across the nation. These powerful women engage in ongoing discussions, developing strategies to unite and empower women to create projects within their respective fields and networks.