Jaishri Mehta, Professor of Computer Information Systems and Entrepreneur at El Paseo Jewelers

Jaishri Mehta is involved in two major businesses:

First, she’s a Professor of Computer Information Systems at Mt. San Antonio College. She teaches Cybersecurity and Programming. She has led multi-million dollar state and federal grants in bringing Cybersecurity education to the West Coast. She was the key leader in integrating the West Coast needs in the field of Cybersecurity education standards for Cybersecurity at NIST.

Second, at El Paseo Jewelers, which is a retail high-end jewelry business that services high-end clients in Palm Desert, she is the lead for all the events and sponsors. El Paseo Jewelers are title sponsors for Fashion Week, Food and Wine Festival, Muses (McCallum Theater) and Steve Chase and Desert Aids Project. The jewelers promote their brand at these major events.

Customers + Business

My customers at Mt. San Antonio College are my students, which are very much sought out for their hands-on skills. Our student team was national champions at the Cybersecurity National Competition (CCDC) where they beat 4-year and graduate students.”
“At El Paseo Jewelers, we entertain our high-end clients. Our clients are part of the events that we sponsor such as Muses, and we (clients and us) are part of the charities that give back to the community. We and our customers bring arts education to 40,000 students in the schools, where art education is cut out from government funding.” – Jaishri Mehta

Big Challenges

Jaishri shares her biggest challenge as: “Building the Cybersecurity curriculum and having the curriculum standardized by NSA (National Security Agency).” Jaishri and her team want to continually ensure that the students hone their skills beyond the classroom, by putting in extra time on Saturday, where students can compete in competitions and build additional hands-on skills.

At El Paseo Jewelers, her ongoing challenge is building a customer base for their jewelry products, advertising and building a relationship with each client that they service.


Significant Milestones

Jaishri has been able to bring $6 million dollars state and federal grants to ensure that the Cybersecurity program runs smoothly with skilled staff and instructors.
El Paseo Jewelers has grown steadily to 5,000 customer base worldwide.

According to Jaishri, there’s no substitute for “Hard work and belief in what you are doing.”

Bright Future

Jaishri is looking to empower other instructors at Mt. San Antonio College and is even hoping to be part of another startup (hint, hint).

As for El Paseo Jewelers, her goal is to continue building their customer base and further entrenching in the community.

Favorite Quote

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failures.” Colin Powell

Contact Jaishri Mehta

Jaishri Mehta
phone: 909-569-3842
email: jaishri at elpaseojewelers.com

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