How To Take Your Business from 1MM to 10MM and beyond, and Cross the Chasm

Come Meet, Mingle and Learn from Prakash Grama, CEO of EVRY USA.

Prakash has been providing direction and vision to SPAN, an IT Services company he co-founded in 1993 and exited out in 2012 with its sale to EVRY ( EVRY is a $2 Billion IT Services Company in Scandinavia. Prakash has a deep understanding of the outsourcing business, its challenges and how to not only make it work but leverage the benefits.

How To Cross The Chasm?

Prakash has mentored and angel invested in a few startups that went on to get VC funding. With over 30 years of IT experience, he has worked extensively in India and the U.S. and knows how to make global teams work.

Profiled on various shows like CNBC, Washington Post, Zee Business and Radio City and interviewed for articles in Wall Street Journal, Mint and other media, he was past President of the Returned NRI (RNRI) Association in Bangalore and is a current Charter Member at TiE Southern California.

Prakash has an MBA from IIM Calcutta and a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Bangalore.

Ready to Learn on How to Cross the Chasm?

Joining Prakash will be a Startup CEO who is in the midst of growing the business, and is facing the chasms.

What Chasms Are You Facing Today In Your Business?

Prakash will be doing a Live Q&A with Event Participants. Get your questions out for Prakash on how to overcome various challenges that you face in your business today.

Trabuco Senior Center
5701 Trabuco Rd, Irvine, CA 92620

October 4th from 6-8:45pm

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