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TiE was founded on the belief that nurturing entrepreneurs will lead to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and encapsulates the true spirit of giving back to the community. It was late C.K. Prahalad, Chief Mentor of TiE, who said, “Mentoring is an essential part of building an entrepreneurial culture. More importantly, it is a true reflection of the spirit of giving by charter members.”

TiE SoCal has taken some unique initiatives to help entrepreneurs and local business community.


Tie SoCal Is pleased to relaunch its mentorship program exclusively for CMs and all members.

The initiative is designed to help the Entrepreneurs / Owners / Founder of the Tie SoCal organizations to take their companies from their current level to the next level. Entrepreneurs are always looking to learn and grow. The objective of mentorship program is to leverage the Tie SoCal eco system to learn from veteran industry experts.

Manish Bhardia

TiE SoCal Angels

TiE Global has over 3,000 highly successful individual investors around the world looking to invest, mentor, and guide these companies to success. This is the power of a global network!
TiE SoCal Angels is a network of successful entrepreneurs, professionals, and highly educated individuals who are now turning their passion for business into investments and mentorship for the next generation.
Today, TiE SoCal Angels comprise 50+ accredited investors who are actively investing and mentoring founders.
Since 2020, TiE SoCal Angels host monthly pitch events on 3rd. Wednesday. Once a company has gone through TiE SoCal’s due diligence process, the members can also elevate the right companies to TiE Global Angels.

If you are a founder looking for funding, please submit your information by using the link below

Shankar Ram
Anshuman Sinha

Jobs & internships

TiE SoCal is committed to help its members and supporters in every possible manner.
One of our aims is to help the community by providing them a platform and necessary guidance to become a better professional.
The Jobs/ Internship are another excellent opportunity for our charter members which will help them find the right resource for their business.
It will provide internship and employment opportunity to our young members/ student members.
Post your job on TiE SoCal and sign up for an employer account.
To have a look at open positions and apply for them, visit our current openings section.
Sharad Atal

TiE Women

Women of Influence initiative purpose is Capacity building, Increased Networking, Knowledge sharing, and Enhanced visibility
We bring together women from various regions, businesses, and faiths within the public and private sectors of society to address the critical issues impacting communities across the nation. These powerful women engage in ongoing discussions, developing strategies to unite and empower women to create projects within their respective fields and networks and capitalize on their combined resources and talents to have a positive, united influence from the local level to the global community.

Monisha Coelho
Monisha Coelho
Brenda McCabe

TiE Giveback

In our hustle & bustle of daily life, we often overlook & take for granted the blessings bestowed on us by the universe in a million ways!

Let’s return the favors with small beginnings.

Lets “Bring Back “ blessings by serving.

Sonnal Ladvva
Sonnal Ladvva

TiE Business Connect

The purpose of this initiative is to have transactional business activities between our members and charter members. We will list the give and ask of all the members and charter members on our website. We will support this initiative with monthly events.

Sturdy McKee

TiE Philanthropy

The purpose of this initiative is to give back to society. We will be doing four fundraiser in the year.


TiE Entertainment

The purpose of this initiative is to bring entertainment-related events to our TiE community.

Rajeev Aggarwal


The purpose of this initiative is to manage interaction between charter members through social events, meetups, and sports (hiking, golf, cricket, etc.).