TiE was founded on the belief that nurturing entrepreneurs will lead to the virtuous cycle of wealth creation and encapsulates the true spirit of giving back to the community. It was late C.K. Prahalad, Chief Mentor of TiE who said, “Mentoring is an essential part of building an entrepreneurial culture. More importantly, it is a true reflection of the spirit of giving by charter members.”

TiE SoCal’s Mentoring Program is one of the main priorities and most valuable assets to its members. The role of the Mentoring Program within TiE SoCal is to foster entrepreneurship and to help a member develop their business.

This unique service is a direct result of the time and effort provided by our Charter Member Mentors. For many members, the perspective a Charter Member offers can save years of develop and thousands of dollars in other expenses. Entrepreneurs have an opportunity to interact with the Mentors through the Mentoring Process and if appropriate, build a long-term relationship that is mutually beneficial.

For 2018, TiE SoCal partnered with Mentor Matchmaker to create another three month Entrepreneurship Mentor Program. Ten members will be matched with an experienced Mentor to help achieve up to three professional goals related to entrepreneurship. The program is free for members and requires three short meetings at the Mentor’s office in Q3 2017. Mentor Matchmaker will work with the Mentees to design their goals, match the relationships and ensure progress. Apply for the program by filling out these questions:



    Meet our Faculty of Mentors

    Ajay Prasad
    CEO at Repugen, Digital Marketing, Leadership, Business Strategy, Fundraising

    Neeraj Bhavani 

    Founder at Tagnos  Healthcare, Operations, Leadership, Planning & Strategy

    Anurag Bist
    Founder at Ashmar  Wireless, Telecom, Mobile, Patents, Strategy, Early Stage Startups

    Navneet Chugh
    Founder at Chugh Firm Legal, Planning & Strategy, Finance

    Avijit Datta
    President at Aviana Global Technologies  SaaS, Planning & Strategy, Sales, Leadership

    Arun Gollapudi

    Founder at Systech Solutions Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, ETL

    Prakash Grama

    CEO at SPAN Systems Corporation Business Strategy & Planning, IT Software Services, Outsourcing to India

    Smita G, Bagla
    CEO at Aligned Strategies, Business Strategy, Innovation, Analytics, Fundraising, Product Development, Project Management, Leadership, Business Transformation

    Hemant Warudkar
    CEO at Express Analytics, Business Strategy, Data Analytics, Product Development, Design, Marketing

    Azhar Iqbal

    Global Banking at Bank of America  Finance Commercial

    Harina Kapoor
    Founder at Aikyum Solar  Marketing, Sales, Renewable Energy

    Vijay Kotrappa
    CEO at CareRally  Business Strategy and Planning, Applications Engineering, Project Management

    Swami Nathan

    General Partner at Threshold Partner Finance, Strategy, Investment, Banking

    Milind Pasari
    Founder at Surya Capital, LLC  Finance

    Ramesh Patel

    CPA Partner at The Chugh Firm Finance, Accounting, Legal

    Srini Pulavarti 
    President and CIO at UCLA Investment Company  Investments, Planning & Strategy, Leadership

    Shankar Ram
    Netwin Solutions, Inc.  Application Software, Consulting, Software Service, Imports, Warehousing, Distribution, Business Strategy and Planning, Operations, Project Management, Leadership

    Venu Sarakki
    CEO of Sarakki Associates Project Management, Systems Engineering, Business Strategy and Planning, Transportation

    Amar Shokeen

    President @ CEO RJT Compuquest, Inc.  Business Strategy and Planning

    Venkat Tadanki

    Founder at Secova IT, ITES, SaaS, Big Data, Business Strategy & Planning, Sales, Rapid Growth Strategies, Outsourcing to India

    Vivek Tandon  

    Founder at EB5 BRICS  Marketing, Sales, Social Media, Legal, Finance, Outsourcing