TiE SoCal Angels

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TiE SoCal Angel is looking for the 10 things in your Investment pitch

  1. The Vision
  2. The Problem
  3. The Opportunity
  4. The Solution
  5. The Business Model
  6. Validation and What’s Next
  7. Marketing and Growth
  8. The Team
  9. Financials
  10. The Ask

TiE SoCal has come up with a program to have TiE SoCal Charter Members and TiE Angels Members to get early access to the most promising companies actively screened and brought in front of you by the leadership committee which is comprised of several seasoned and successful entrepreneurs and investors.

TiE SoCal Angels presentation will be done once every quarter and qualified companies will get the opportunity to present to TiE SoCal Charter Members and TiE SoCal angel Members. This is by invitation only.

TiE SoCal will assist members who need references to domain experts, guidance on deal terms and structuring, and general support as they consider investments. Group due diligence is conducted when a deal lead is identified. However, investment decisions are made by individual TiE SoCal Charter Members and TiE SoCal Angel Members at their discretion solely, and investors should rely on their own judgement and diligence in making their investment decisions.

Through collaboration and cooperation, TiE SoCal Angels will establish a thriving network of past, present, and future entrepreneurs who support each other through mentorship, funding, and guidance. We seek to improve our communities – both local and global – by leveraging our network wherever possible.

Benefits for TiE SoCal Charter Members & TiE SoCal Angel Members

  1. Opportunity to consider investments in emerging companies that have been pre-screened using clear guidelines
  2. Ability to discuss potential investments with other members who may share their interests and investment goals
  3. Opportunity to learn more about angel investing, historical returns, and trends
  4. Potential to expand professional social networks

Expectations from TiE SoCal Charter Members & TiE SoCal Angel Members

  1. Be active investors in emerging companies and attend TiE SoCal meetings regularly
  2. Help with deal flow by identifying and referring promising companies to the group
  3. Take an active role in the due diligence process of companies you want to invest in
  4. Provide mentoring, coaching, and assistance to companies funded by the group
  5. Encourage other like-minded investors to join TiE SoCal
  6. Collaborate with investors across TiE chapters
  7. Establish robust deal flow
  8. Provide entrepreneurs access to global capital
  9. Engage mentors with broad industry backgrounds
  10. Promote diversity within the startup community
  11. Assist in creation of new TiE chapters and angel groups
  12. Uphold the values and code of conduct of TiE SoCal

If you are a startup looking for angel funding, please APPLY HERE